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Limited edition 1/10 available!!

7 October, 2022

It’s here, you can send your orders now and we’ll bottle as soon as possible for you, we already had 4000 reserved units, don’t wait to have yours too if you want to offer now the fresh 2022/23 limited edition from the first days of harvest!!

Technical facts:

Oro del Desierto new limited edition 22/23 “Oro del Desierto 1/10”. 1/10 conceptualizes 2 premises absolutely necessary to obtain Premium early harvest olive oils:

  1. This olive oils are the first oils (1) obtained in October (month nº 10) when the olives are still green
  2. Approximately 10 kg of fresh harvested olives are necessary to obtain 1 Litre of this premium quality (1L/10kg = 1/10)

We bring to our customers houses a fresh unfiltered olive oil just a few months after it’s squeezed in our mill, a seasonal product which can’t be found in other times in the year. Once it decants on the bottle it becomes like oro del desierto normal range and can be used in the same way.
As it’s a limited edition and fresh extracted oil we recommend to use it only cold for dressing or to dip with bread to enjoy all its properties. During the first 6 months as it’s unfiltered when it’s bottled it stays cloudy and later it’ll decant and the olives sediments will go to the bottom, don’t be afraid of that, it can be used until 12 months from the production date, but we recommend to use it fast to enjoy its wonderful taste

Number of bottles 2022/23: 8000 units.
Formats: 500ml customized bottle, individual box packaging for every bottle to protect it from light
Production: Cold extraction 2 phases. Only with early harvested olives, 95% still green. First week of harvest 3-6th of October 2022
Varieties: Arbequina 40% and Picual 60%
Zone of production: Finca el vicario, Desierto de Tabernas (Almería) Spain
Flavour/taste: Dark green colour cloudy, typical from the unfiltered fresh olive oils. Its Aroma is exceptionally intense, fresh notes of green grass, tomato, apple and almonds, pleasant banana aftertaste. Astringent flavour whit bitter and spicy touches which will be less intense as the oil change and decants during the first weeks. Good balance between aroma and flavour, the 2 varieties combined for this blend make a perfect combination

Recommendations of use: Fresh goat cheese, green salads, sauces, tomato and garlic salads, toasts or just simply put it on a dish and dip it with bread.