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Oro del Desierto awarded as most sustainable olive farm in Spain

15 May, 2023

Today we have magnificent news to give you and of which we cannot be more proud. Spanish Association of Municipalities of the Olive Tree. AEMO and #Deoleo have awarded us the FIRST PRIZE FOR THE BEST ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT OF OLIVE GROVES IN SPAIN

This award makes us very proud because it values ​​the work of many years of the family

According to the organization:

The jury has valued with the highest rating the comprehensive management of this farm of about 100 hectares of organic olive groves, agronomic management that borders on perfection from an environmental perspective.

The Alonso Aguilera family manages this farm in an exemplary way, harvesting their olives each campaign, which is ground in an oil mill located on the same property, where optimal management of the transformation of the fruit is also carried out, resulting in an EVOO of the highest quality that conquer the markets.

In the first place, the management of the vegetation cover that is maintained throughout the surface and, at the time, mowed to the teeth by equine cattle, has been described as extraordinary. In turn, the subscriber is made entirely by means of the organic compost of alperujo produced on the farm itself and which is duly buried next to the lines of the olive grove.

Pests and diseases are basically controlled by biological methods and erosion is stopped by terraces, cultivation on contour lines and ditches. The measures to preserve the fauna, which is abundant on the farm, have also been assessed, having found everything from very diverse birds to small mammals and even chameleons, something exceptional as it is an endemic, protected species that lives only where biodiversity is highest.

Likewise, the management of irrigation is to be praised, as only renewable solar energy is used in this farm to drive the water, in addition to intelligently rationalizing a deficient supply of water based on automated and optimized irrigation.

Finally, the jury has valued the very high environmental awareness of the managers of the farm who believe 100% in ecological and sustainable agriculture since its inception, and who do not understand another type of agriculture in a landscape as fragile and special as the desert of Tabernas.