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Oro del Desierto joins the “Living Olive Groves” project

29 December, 2022

Today we have news that has been brewing for a long time and it is now official to be able to communicate it. Our farm has become part of the OlivaresVivos project financed by Life, we also signed a custody agreement with SEO/BirdLife, which are main members of the project.

It is a very interesting project, where it is intended to improve the cultivation conditions to achieve greater biodiversity in the olive farms that are part of the project, also serving as an example for others in which a productive and viable olive grove can be sustainable environmentally and respectful of life at the same time.

You all know that at Oro del Desierto we have always opted for sustainability, that our farm and company have always kept this strategy in mind in the development of our business and that a bottle of Oro del Desierto contains not only a quality EVOO, but also care for the environment, respect for life and a commitment for future generations, for them to find the world at least similar to the one we have. All of this is inside our bottle and you, our customers, are part of and responsible for ensuring that we can go ahead and do what we do the way we do it.

From now on our bottles will also proudly carry the “Olivares Vivos” (Living Olive groves) seal