Single estate, limited production Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced exclusively from lechín olives from early harvest in “El Vicario”, “Sierra Bermeja” and “el cortijillo de las pencas” estates. Olive grows between 80 and 250 years, planted in 10 x 10m, 30% with drip irrigation system, 70% without irrigation.
Harvest: Second half of November
Production: Cold extraction 2 phases. Only with early harvested olives, 50% still green.
Varieties: Lechín de granada 100%
Zone of production: Finca el vicario, finca “sierra bermeja” and “cortijillo de las pencas”, Desierto de Tabernas (Almería)
Panel test/organoleptic analysis:
Colour/aspect: Intense gold colour, clean and filtered.
Aroma/bouquet: Medium-low intensity, aroma of green olives and dried fruits, hints of other fruits like apricot in minor intensity.
Flavour/taste: Soft and fruity, well balanced, remembers the green olives and medium ripe fruits like apples. Is has a soft bitterness and piquant end which appears early and goes off fast. Pleasant after taste which reminds fresh vegetables
Recommendations of use: We recommend using it especially for salted fish, anchovies, tomato salads, white meats, poultry and desserts.
It is a local variety from Almería and the southwest of Spain. Very hard to find out of this area, not many companies produce it separate and much less under organic EU rules like us. The production is so limited

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