Format: Jar of 250gr

Ingredients: Capers, salt, vinegar.

Recommendations of use:
The uses in cooking are very wide, especially in sauces and dishes of Italian pasta and Greek cuisine, where it has been used since ancient times. It fits very well with fish, like gilthead or salmon. Also perfect to combine with anchovies in pasta sauces, as in the putanesca. It also does not disappoint in pizzas and focaccias, as well as with the chicken. Already in the more modern kitchen is integrated in sauces like the tartar, the remoulade, or in the steak tartar.

As long as they remain in the original liquid (water and vinegar) they can be consumed until the date of preferential consumption. We recommend if the client likes to remove the liquid and fill the jar with extra virgin olive oil to keep the capers in oil, which will take the acidic and intense flavour of the caper, this is not mandatory, only a recommendation

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