Single estate, limited production Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced exclusively from picual olives from early harvest in “El Vicario” estates. Olive grows between 5 and 15 years, planted in 7 x 5m with drip irrigation system.
Harvest: From half of October to early November
Production: Cold extraction 2 phases. Only with early harvested olives, 65-75% still green.
Varieties Picual 100%
Zone of production: Finca el vicario, Desierto de Tabernas (Almería) Spain
Panel test/organoleptic analysis:
Colour/aspect: Intense green colour, very clean. Filtered
Aroma/bouquet: Medium intensity, fresh grass aroma combined with notes of olive leaf and fig plant. Persistent and harmonic, the green sensations are easier to feel than the fruits which appear in less intensity.
Flavour/taste: Astringent with great character and personality, medium-high bitterness depending on the year, piquant taste also present and a bit less intense. The after taste reminds the leaves, grass and chlorophyll taste in general.
Recommendations of use: It fits well with salads, toasts, soups and sauces, gazpacho. It’s a premium olive oil, but this variety picual has a high contain in oleic acid (omega 9), polyphenols and antioxidants (550-600mg/kg), so the stability against temperature and oxidation is much higher than other varieties. So it also can be used for cooking in medium temperatures or even frying.

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